Kanban’s Geological Record

Ian Carroll has been working with SB&G to improve our Agile processes. Read his thoughts on balanced investment in a growing business using Kanban.

Kanban Cards

Originally posted on iancarroll.com:

Craig Watson (@craigwatsonuk) from Bet Tribe has been hoarding away the cards that flow across his teams card wall for many months. He’s kept them in the exact order they were completed. Craig explains “it’s like a geological record of the Kanban system”. As a very general guide, blue cards are platform related, yellow cards are new features, and pink are defects / tech debt. We see a lot of pink throughout the record which for me is a healthy sign that trade-off decisions (aka tech debt) and live defects/incidents are getting the attention they need. We can see bands of yellow and blue throughout the record signifying a specific change in selection policy for work entering the team. Read More…