Sky Betting & Gaming’s January 2017 Tech Talks

Welcome to the first set of Sky Bet Tech Talks of 2017!

January Sky Bet Tech Talks

If you missed out on this edition, you can watch the videos below. Why not come along to the next edition? Keep an eye on our events page to find out more. Blog post versions of these talks will be available soon, so be sure to come back and check them out!

The Retrospective Surgery Is Now Open

First up we have Adele, a Scrum Master looking after two of our Squads in the Gaming Tribe. Adele held a Retrospective Surgery, digging into some issues commonly associated with Retrospectives, prescribing things like fun, games and a safe environment to help get the best out of your Retrospectives. (Unfortunately we hit some technical issues with the video for this one, so be sure to come back and read through the blog post version.)

Lean Agile Portfolio Management at Speed!

Next up, Mark. Mark spoke about the tricks and tools we use in the Gaming Tribe to manage our Portfolio and Programmes. Stuff that keeps everybody, from Execs to Engineers, in the know.

The Science Behind Innovation

Tom, Mark and Adam then spoke about how the Sky Vegas Squad, and the wider Gaming Tribe, decide what the ‘right’ thing to build for our products is, using both User and A/B testing to help validate our ideas.

Squad Health Checks

Last, but not least, John, a Scrum Master in the Gaming Tribe. John describes how we’ve used Squad Health Checks (hat tip to Spotify) to create and maintain a healthy working environment and productive squads.

Thanks for watching the first edition of this years Sky Bet Tech Talks! We hope to see you next time.